ponedjeljak, 14. veljače 2011.

Jabuka ne pada daleko od stabla...-The apple doesn't fall far from a tree

...ako je stablo jabukovo!
...if it's the apple tree!

Sve je počelo prije dvadesetak dana kad je Hana nizala perlice za ogrlicu i vidim ja da njoj to dobro ide pa si mislim,ak zna perlice,može probat i filcane oblike na konac.I tak sam joj narezala srčeka (ja narezala u više boja,al nije htjela nego samo crvena) i dijete šivalo :-)

It all began a few days ago,Hana was playing with beads and I tought if she could string the beads,she could try it with some felt shapes.So I gave her a needle,a string and some hearts (she picked just red ones) and she made this little garland!

A onda je od bake za rođendan dobila ovaj okvir za vezenje i dijete se ozbiljno primilo posla.Olovkom sam joj nacrtala oblik,a sve ostalo je njezin rad.No dobro,ne sve,jasno je da sam ja izvezla datum,to je da jednog dana znamo kad je počela :-)

And than she got this embroidery frame from my mom for birthday and the girl started to work! I draw her the shapes and the rest is her work.Ok,it's obvius that I embroided the date,and that's just that one day we know when she started.

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  1. Oh my! She did a WONDERFUL job! I love them! Also like the heart "string" - what a great "first" sewing project - am thinking of doing a little sewing with my (still quite young) son and I think the heart string may be a good start!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Fabulous to see you there!


  2. Thanx,Maggy! And she is just 5! I love her interest for handwork.As soon as she train this,I'll try to teach her how to knitt,she allready show the interest.

  3. How wonderful that she is crafting and what a great job she did! I posted an embroidery craft this week too! I saw you on Blue Cricket Design.

  4. She did a wonderful job! Way to go! Please check out the party I host every Friday... we would love to have your projects linked up! http://www.bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/project-party-weekend-make-your-blog.html

  5. Lovely work!! I'd like to learn embroidery myself. Thanks for sharing!


  6. She did a great job! My daughter is 5 and has asked about sewing. Perhaps I should try this with her!

  7. Spartan girl,you should!She doesn't have to embroide,but she'll learn how to hold a needle,and that's the begining of so manny skills!

  8. Ella ha hecho un magnífico trabajo.

  9. I have a similar hoop with a stitched picture of a cat that B made for me and it's one of my favourite treasures. I think they are a beautiful way to capture a child's art. Thanks for sharing with our Play Academy - lovely to see you again.